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Shared Masternode

This is our main activity. If you don’t have enough coins to make a Masternode alone, you can participate to a shared Masternode and get rewards calculated on what you invested. As we have to wait all the coins needed to build the Masternode, you have to wait also in a pool

Instant Invest

This is also a Shared Masternode, but we already prepared it for you in advance. So it’s not required to wait in a pool and you immediately are qualified to get your rewards. You also can get back your invest at any moment without minimum duration.

Hosting a Full Masternode

Hosting a Masternode isn’t a piece of cake for a non-technical investor as it involves setting up an infrastructure. Dimebase makes this entire process easier by providing its extremely user friendly platform known as Clicknode If you just don’t have the technical skills needed and/or prefer to use Dimebase to create your Own Masternodes easely, we also give you this opportunity. You keep your coins in your wallet, we take care about your Masternode installation, configuration and regular updates..(You operate a Full Masternode without sending coins anywhere,all we need is your wallet address )


Our tested and trusted artificial intelligent engine supports you throughout your trading journey, serving you as a multilingual helpdesk on a 24/7 basis, personal account manager, complimentary product walkthroughs and giving you live market analysis.

Accurate Analytics

Here at dimebase we realise how important direct monitoring and evaluation of both markets is important to your learning process and likewise your investments, consequently we make it our duty to bring you on the go updates on the market analysis and advisory in a simple and applicable manner to your current endeavours
Customer Support

Our expertise is more than theoretic but likewise a function of practical solutions and we understand that there can be many difficulties navigating the market place and even our digital space.Here at dimebase, we are always ready and available to support you with round the clock available support team, so at any point in time we employ you to bring all your problems and difficulties to us for adequate and concise solutions. It is always a privilege to serve you better.
Responsive System

Dimebase is a constantly evolving system which uses your help and input to constantly evolve as a living organism in the digital market space so all our investments can stay relevant and useful to you and future customers we introduce to the system.