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What is Dimebase?
Dimebase is a platform, which provides non-custodial Staking and Masternodes services and allows you to Stake coins or host Masternode in a few clicks, monitor rewards, statuses and other useful information.

How can I register with Dimebase?
Registering is a relatively simple process. Simply click “Create Accounts” (or HERE) and complete the registration process. Then decide which investment plan you would like to subscribe to.

How can I make a deposit into my account?
In the “My accounts” section of your dashboard, you can decide into which investment plan you will like to subscribe to Then click on “Deposit” and deposit your desired amount To make a deposit on Dimebase, generate first an address on the deposit page. Then send your funds on it.. Dimebase offers only Crypto deposit methods including Bitcoin ,ETH

Are there any maximum amounts for investments
No. There are no maximum limits for investments

What is a Masternode?
A Masternode is an important part of Cryptocurrency networks that performs various network tasks that differ depending on the Cryptocurrency. For example, Dash Masternodes provide anonymity for all transactions in the Dash network, as well as instant transactions and decentralized governance.

Whats the diffrence between full and shared Masternode?
A Full Masternode is a Masternode where you are the only one to invest. You need for that one, at least, all the coins needed to invest, but you will receive all the rewards generated.
A Shared Masternode give you the opporunity to invest with other people in a Masternode. Your rewards will depend of your invest.

Do I need to send my funds to a third party?
Yes and No
If you decide to invest in Shared Masternode you will have to fund Dimebase account with the actual amount in subscription, then when subscription is confirmed you will get profit daily into your private Crypto wallet.

If you decide to invest in a full Masternode with us then you will have to deposit the actual Amount in subscription to your private (Crypto wallet) were no one but you have access to the account or your funds and only you can make withdrawals.

How much do I earn?
You earn 0.28% – 1% every 48hrs

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