Government Of Argentina Set To Co-Invest in BlockChain Projects

Photo credit – Binance Blog
The Government of Argentina is co-investing in a project that receives funding support from Binance Labs or LatamEx Latin American crypto exchange.
In a statement made on Binance Blog on Wednesday 6th March, Argentina’s Ministry of Production and Labour has committed to offering a grant of up to US$50,000 for every Argentine blockchain project that Binance Labs invests in. This arrangement is valid for 3-10 projects per year. With this deal, the Argentine government will be Binance Labs’ partner in investments being made in blockchain-related projects in the country.
Since Cryptocurrency is going mainstream in Argentina, Binance Labs have come in to build Argentina’s Crypto futureBy supporting blockchain developers in Argentina and globally, Binance Labs is furthering blockchain development and entrepreneurship to build the ecosystem.
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