Crypto – Kitty Loving Ethereum User Augur Trader Who Made Up To $100,000 (856 ETH) Profit From 177 Trades.

Augur is a decentralized predictions marketplace. It was one of the first crypto projects to hold an ICO on Ethereum, back in 2015. Ethereum developer Mike McDonald, is still working on tools to see the particular Augur prediction market the address participated in that enabled him to garner such a huge amount of profits. This address is a very active participant, he owns a number of crypto kitties and dozens of tokens.
In Augur, one can cast bets on any future event, even the impeachment of elected officials or sports games. The reputation system of Augur is meant to encourage people to participate fairly. To date, however, user adoption is still the name of the game for Augur. By and large, while gambling and predictions markets have taken to cryptocurrencies naturally, decentralized options remain
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