It’s super easy – DIMEBASE is a leading shared Masternodes platform helping people grow their crypto assets without any technical skills.Your masternodes are set up and running. As soon as you’ve set-up your account you start earning profit directly into your private crypto wallet daily.


Insurance & Protection

Dimebase is a building a way to earn more cryptocurrencies with greater security & value for the entire community.

Dimebase power goes way beyond what you could think : we aim to provide a safe place to store cryptos while allowing everyone to invest them in Masternodes. We do it in transparency, and easier than ever.

We at DIMEBASE offer a practical and intuitive platform which lowers the costs by introducing a shared masternode concept. You will be rewarded based on the %age of your contribution towards the collateral value for the masternode.


Price Prediction & Profit
Price prediction isn’t an easy task and it does not make sense to merely hold your coins in the hope of a price rise. Instead, joining a masternode with your coins can help ease the effect of a decrease in price, and when the price for your coin increases, you will have more coins as you will be given rewards thus increasing your overall investment value. In nutshell, by running a masternode you can generate a passive income for yourself. With our service, your cryptocurrency holdings would earn a daily return of 0.28% – 1% which is a weekly return of 1.96% -7% which is a monthly returns of 8.4% – 30% which is an annual return of 102% – 365% on your investment in a continuous smart passive income based on a certain participation quota.You earn directly into your private crypto wallet everyday non-stop for 1000 days till your contract ends.

Create account
Make a Deposit & Invest
EARN 0.28% –1% Daily into your Private Crypto Wallet for 1000 days

Why Choose Our Services?


Host or share your nodes easily in the most convenient way. DIMEBASE allows you to get Masternode rewards directly to your wallet address without providing any sensitive information.We offer easy to use service with top notch stability and multilayer safety systems, smooth and painless updates that provides maximum uptime of your nodes.


Shared Masternode: Best in class IT infrastructure Dimebase invests heavily in technology to ensure wallets are online round the clock and your coins and servers are secured & monitored.
Full or Private Masternode: On our platform you do not need to send us or anyone your Funds or Money if you host a Private Masternode ,your money and funds would be managed in your personal Blockchain wallet were only you have access to make withdrawals.


We offer everyone who wishes to posses stable extra earnings in a short and long term to invest in our Company. Once you've made a deposit or chosen an investment plan you automatically start earning daily interest into your private wallet and continue earning until your contracts expires. Furthermore your daily profit deposited into your private wallet can be withdrawn,spent as you wish or reinvested again for another term to continue getting daily interest
Earn a regular income for your crypto investments, similar to receiving interest for the holding money in a bank (Our non-custodial solution without sending coins anywhere when hosting a private or full mode) and manage your portfolio via your crypto wallet.


Our customer support team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Relationships with service providers

We have developed deep relationships with the key service providers in the space, including fund administrators Fintech experts, lawyers and accountants, so individuals & institutions can be reassured that we have the highest standards in terms of service delivery.Our team is always in touch with new/existing project owners and other sources to keep you up to date on wallet updates or other relevant news.

Experience and expertise

Our several years of experience working in the crypto, digital and Blockchain industry comes in handy while we commit to helping a customer. We have helped multiple Fintech start-ups in strategizing their concepts into working prototypes, Blockchain development, sales and marketing and finally turning the idea into a useful solution to the community.We have also created extensive relationships with the key players in those markets, including the exchanges and the banks, which are critical and a significant ‘value add’. And we have constructed a complete operational, legal and regulatory framework for operating in Blockchain asset markets which we believe is unique.


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